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  1. of course and my others aircrafts addon run fine.
  2. Hello Mathijs, I have the problem yet. All my others external lights aircrafts run fine. I tested my CRJ, I can see all the lights except the strobes. When I reinstall The Aerosoft A320 and A319, the Real Lights installer run but it seems the installer a little slow. I made all I know about this trouble, but I can't find the answer. Best regards, Benoît
  3. I did all the things you say, I install and uninstall a few times, restart my computer each test, unistall the scenery and I just unistall Rex soft clouds, but no issue
  4. Thanks for your help guys, but it not work better
  5. Yes, it turned for example in my Orbx sceneries and in prepar3D of course ...
  6. Hello, since I installed the Frankfurt scenery by Aerosoft, My Airbus A320 professionnal have no lights ( landing, strobe etc... ). I uninstall the aircraft and I reboot my computer. I reinstall the Airbus, a reboot, but same trouble. I reinstalled Real lights, no change. Could you please help me. Thanks in advance, best regards, Benoît
  7. Hi, I enjoy the CRJ but I don't hear the crew sounds and the cabin sounds. Could I have help about this problem ? Thanks a lot, regards, benoit.
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