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  1. yeah I notice that, and I saw your post also for that I made a new post and quote some of your words, maybe they remember your post also I tried to modify the airport file but no luck at least they can do SDK that allow us to correct the airports sectors same like the aircrafts and airlines
  2. Hello, when I guide planes in HECA, planes collide with terrain on final ILS approach RWY 05L at around 2000 Feet. I mean its an ILS Glideslope and in real life it doesn't happen obviously Thanks in advance.
  3. can u give me the editor link plz thanx
  4. Is have Cairo Internationl Airport Sector ? or any Egyptian Airports ? :roll:
  5. Can u help me plz how can calculate Fuel Flow , I can't find Fuel burn in Gallons per hour thanx
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