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  1. Hello there again, Browsing around i found what i want. I went to Aircraft Data - Add New Aircraft - Type - Boeing 727-200. I kindly ask for the moderators to close this topic. Thanks, Fontenele
  2. Good evening, Says in a pdf from PFPX developers the following: PFPX Aircraft Type List: The following aircraft types are presently available in PFPX (A bunch of models then...) Boeing 727-200 - JT8D-17A - Douglas Snow, Judith Blaschegg When i open PFPX 2.03, trying to add an aircraft from template, i'm not finding the 727 model, do you know if this template is for download? In time, i'm using X-Plane 11 and FlyJSim's 727 Thanks Fontenele
  3. Thanks a lot for the gift. Passing the word along in a regional forum.
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