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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried 2 times loading the same saved flight (without doing anything else in between) but both times FSX crashed in my case. But I experienced with Dave same as you: loading multiple times a certain aircraft state before it has effect.
  2. Appreciate the efforts put in the new update, however: I was waiting for update 1.2 / SP1 for a long time, because I also want to have the FMS state (current route etc.) saved when saving a flight (I thought that would be fixed with this update? It would be one of the most important parts for me with any future update). But I tested it again with this new update, but on my computer it didn't save the FMS state. Also, for example the Altitude setting on front panel is not saved when saving the flight. Probably other settings like NAV freq. etc. are also not saved? (but I didn't check that). Is this correct? For me this is very important, even for short flights (to be able to continu later when I have more time (I am not skilled enough to complete a whole flight in one go in the free time I have available)). I use Win10-64b with FSX 32 bit boxed & steam versions (which I would like to keep using still for a long time, I can't/won't reinvest everything in Prepar3D again), so please keep 32 bit support alive!!!). Next to that I am not a student nor professional user (according to the license agreement I can't even use Prepar3D I believe...).
  3. FSXEdgar

    Anchorage X 1.01 update

    Thanks! (I am sorry I overlooked this, probably because the name starts with Simwings and not Aerosoft (like the X-plane variant)). I have also registered my box copy of Mega Airport Amsterdam (named Aerosoft Airport Amsterdam in the update database as you mention above), but then I only see X-plane files (which is strange I guess). No FSX/FS2004 files are shown, this is what I get: Aerosoft - Airport Amsterdam Your Serial AS_AIRPORT-AMSTERDAM_X-PLANE.zip Info: Current DVD version (X-Plane 10 | XPlane 11) I guess something is wrong or am I doing something wrong?
  4. FSXEdgar

    Anchorage X 1.01 update

    Hello, I have the same problem as mentioned in this post: But this topic was closed, so I decided to make a new one: Unfortunately I can't register my recently purchased Anchorage X box (https://support.aerosoft.com/pages/login), so I have no access to the 1.01 update (the launcher confirms there is one though). I have tried to add my product, but the drop down menu only knows about the Anchorage X-Plane version. Can someone please elp me getting 1.01 for FSX (add it to the drop down menu?) Thanks in advance! By the way, also Mega Airport Amsterdam Schiphol FSX/FS2004 is not selectable in drop down menu.