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  1. Hi Mark, I have sent you a personal message, please see that. Bob G.
  2. Mark, OK, I started FSX and put myself at KSFO Gate 100, I then hit ALT ENTER to put FSX in the Windows mode, I then went to my Fsx/Aerosoft/AES folder and clicked on the AESConfig file -- see photo attached -- this is all I get and all I can do (same as when using the AES Help app.) What now? Thanks Bob G.
  3. Mark, Thanks, I was woundering if I was doing something wrong. Please check back after I have a chance to find this and take a look at it as I may have a few questions. Bob G.
  4. Mark, Thanks so much for you help, but how do you do that? As I said, when I have FSX running in Windows view and start the "AESHelp for FSX" app I don't see anything that will let me do this. Bob G.
  5. Mark, I have looked for a place in AES to configure AES where only the jetway willl operate or only activate the jetway and I do see where I can do this. Can you tell me how to find this as I have FSX running in Windows and start the AESHelp for FSX app but don't see anything that will let me do this. Bob G.
  6. Mark, Thanks, I will give this a try. What are your intensions Mark as far as AES and GSX, do you like one better that the other and are you planing on keeping only one installed? Bob G.
  7. Mark, By doing as you say above are we setting things up to just use GSX and not AES? Bob G.
  8. Thanks Mark, So it is ok to have both installed but not so easy to use one one time and the other the next without making the changes you talk about each time? How do I make the change to AES where only the jetways will work? Would it be better to choose AES or GSX and deleate the other? Thanks Bob G.
  9. Sirs: I have your AES V2.1.3 installed for my FSX and I use it with only two airport adons KSFO and KLAS, I like it very much, however, I am trying the new "GSX Ground Services" by FSDT for all airports in FSX but when at KSFO or KLAS and I set the parking brake your AES springs into action and if I try to use GSX then both are working on top of each other to some degree. I was wondering if there is a way to turn your AES program ON or OFF so it will not work when I want to use the GSX program. Is it recomended to have both AES & GSX installed with FSX at the same time or is it one or the other? Thanks so much Bob G.
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