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  1. On the refuelling, it all depends on where the fuel receptacle is located. I know for a fact on your commercial aircraft, they use single point fueling meaning that the fuel truck pulls up to where there is a underground hookup, hooks up to that, then the fuel is transferred through the truck, pumps are turned on in the wing or cockpit or both and the fuel is transferred until the amount needed is in the tanks. As far as fuelling while boarding, unless the fuelers are running behind, the refuelling process is usually done before the boarding process even takes place.
  2. Hopefully they will add a guy driving the FMC Container loader. Looks weird with it pulling up to the aircraft with a 'stealth' driver. Also, have the container carts bringing the cargo containers to the aircraft and being loaded and unloaded. Would be sweeeeeeet!
  3. Well, not unless they paid GateGourmet to paint the trucks in Delta colors. JK. Good work on the repaints you are doing.
  4. For catering, Delta Airlines uses Gate Gourmet in ATL, don't know about other airports around the US. If I can find a picture of a Gate Gourmet vehicle, I will post it. But good job by the way of posting all the photos of the Delta vehicles, you beat me to the punch.
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