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  1. On August 28, Mathijs wrote that Hamburg EDDH, among others, was available for starters. Is that still up to date for the current year? Just a question, i'm not in a hurry.
  2. I am completely in agreement with Jörg. For a limited scenery like the East Frisian Islands I would have expected more detail. Even if the airfields are all ok, the landscape goes like this, the buildings are horrible (not the landmarks) and don't fit at all in this area. So I think back to the good old times with the German Airfields and hope that the developers will come up with a convincing update...and if at some point the North Frisian Islands should be developed, please don't make the same mistake. You might scare many connoisseurs of this magnificent landscape. And @Seemöwe
  3. Many thanks for this. This is not a big mistake, just a small merit, which does not bother otherwise. I think about contacting Microsoft.😎
  4. I have no VR equipment or software installed. Where do I switch the VR mode on and off? Only one hangar picture is affected when MSFS is started, all other visual impressions are "normal".
  5. I think so. Intel i9-9900K, NVIDIA MSI RTX 2080 TI, 32 GB RAM, 2 Samsung EVO Plus M.2 each 2TB and more in high Quality, a little monster, should be enough...everything else is fine and no problems, most slidern on ULTRA and 30-40 FFS, that is ok for me. The spatial impression when wearing colored 3D glasses is that the selection windows (Welcome, Flight School, Marketplace, Options, etc.) and also the FPS display in the upper right corner (Developer!) are on the front of the screen and behind them in spatial depth the hangar with the moving people and gates. The latest NVIDIA d
  6. A little something: Starting procedure: The image of the hangar appears as 3D format. Contours can be seen twice in green and red. If you put on 3D glasses (green-red) you have a spatial image. Is that correct? Has anyone else noticed that? My monitor: Samsung C49RG90, 49", 5120x1440 Regards Sigi
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