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  1. hi guys thanks for the quick reply and info. I think I go with a... Intel Core i7-2600K CPU + Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 LGA1155/ Intel Z68 +8G Combo set ASUS nVidia GTX 560 GTX560 Ti OC 1GB HDMI SLI GAMING Corsair H100 Intel i7 2011 1155 775 AMD AM3+ AM3 AM2 Liquid CPU Cooler Cooling [*]Thermaltake V9 Gaming Mid Tower Case 980W PSU Quiet Fan what do you guys think about the hardware? I'm not very good with IT stuff and as I've said before there is no good IT shop in town here to ask for help and advice... thanks again anyway rob
  2. Hi pilots from all over the world , I finally have decided to build my own FSX PC ! and fly FS since 2000, always wanted a PC who can handle MAX settings because due to suffering from slow pc performance. My Bday is coming up soon and my lovely Girlfriend have said yes to a powerful FSX PC I've had enough from the slow flying and like to build my own. I done a little research on the net and found out that the Intel i7 sandy Bridge 2600k 3.4 GHz 8MB is one of the CPU's to go with. Also the Radeon HD 6850 a very good grafic card too. The CPU cooler system is one of these Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H100 Extreme-Performance CPU Cooler I have choosen at this stage. I wonder what you guys think about these 3 main thinks I was going to use for a good performance FSX PC. the rest is unclear at this stage. Motherboard unclear?! Power supply unclear?! RAM unclear?! PC Case unclear?! HD Clear?! Because I live in a "remote area in Western Australia there is not much choice in town to get infos from IT people and I wonder if you guys here on this platform can help me to build one or at least can give me some infos about the items I need for a peaceful FSX flying time from time to time. thanks for reading this cheers Rob
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