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  1. Hi. I typed %appdata%, then Enter and it came up with roaming?..I was able to find a dll.xml file through Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-SE. I hope that was right. I did as you instructed, it was just a case of copying and paste exercise, easy enough though but, unfortunately i'm still having the same problem. Thanks for your help though, it was appreciated. I thought there might be a glimmer of hope for my FSX:SE, DC-8. Unfortunately not!
  2. hello. I saw and read the thread you listed above. (Loading Utility).The reference was to P3D, my problem is in reference to FSX:SE. Also once I read it I still have no idea of what it is saying. I understand you said it is a faulty or missing XMLTools install. And I should do, what exactly? to fix this problem. The real problem is the fact that I am a Aerosoft customer who's only interest is in aviation and in flying aircraft and have no "computer programming knowledge". Are you saying there is something wrong ("faulty or missing") with my computer or there is something wrong ("faulty or missing") with the Aerosoft product I have just bought. That being said In the thread I read it has a reference of a text from dll.xml file, which may help in fixing this problem. In that case I am willing to try and give it a go. But, first I am writing to let you know that the text ( dll.xml file) means nothing to me so could you please instruct me on what exactly to do with it. The real danger is and my main concern is, if it doesn't work what am I to do then. You understand you are asking me to go into the original file and make changes to a program with no experience of doing such things.
  3. I'm kinda new to the DC-8 and just recently purchased the product. When I load up the DC8 in FSX:SE and use the Fuel & Payload Loader I can add passenger figures, but the Gross Weight remains unchanged. The same is true when I try to load or unload fuel. The Loader won't allow me to make any changes to the forward and aft cargo and so remains at zero. Also, when I try to add or take anyway any fuel it doesn't show on the fuel gauges and remains at it's default settings of full tanks. I'm having problems with the elevator trim as well i've tried adjusting it using the trim on my joystick. It doesn't respond to the default keys on my keyboard ( Elevator Trim Num 7 & Num 1) either. I've even tried assigning other keystrokes. But the trim does work when the autopilot is selected. The strange thing is I have just install the DC 8 in my boxed FSX version using Windows 7 and everything work perfectly fine. I would be most grateful if anyone can help.
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