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  1. Boy, I feel stupid. :oops: ... After looking at your pictures posted on Sim-market. It appears I have all of it installed correctly. My only issue is very bright at night. I need to stop the flashing of lights from the buildings. Also, since I purchsed UT USA (which corrects rivers coastlines, etc.) The Statue of Liberty is off Ellis Island in my system. Sorry, to waste you time of this issue. I have the software installed correctly ..thanks
  2. I would love to attach a few shots to help out. But, being a rookie to this ... can you please tell me the best way to capture an image in FS9? I tried doing a print screen and I dont know if it worked or not. Excuse my lack of experience in FS9. I saw it for the first time 12/27/05.
  3. Yes, it was added to FS9. But not all the buildings, as I described, load to full height? My system is a 3.2GHZ Pentium extreme edition dual core with HT, 4GB Ram and dual 256 nvidia graphics cards, so I would thnk if it was loading slowly I would see it all in full within a minute ? Something is not right. I'll continue to play with the settings but with my system as I said .. should all load fairly quickly.
  4. I did an install as instructed using the set-up program and when I reached the very end of the install and hit the "Finish" button my window wont close. I had to control-alt-delete out of it. I ran FS9 and flew over Manhattan and noticed many of the buildings not fully shown. Only half of them are shown, (half of the building). I'm guessing the install did not complete something. I have already did the install 3 times and I know I have one more chance before I am here again requesting help. Can you please give me some guidance as to why the software I purchased is not fully functional?... thanks
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