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  1. Hello, I'm having some minor issues with the Katana: 1. Landing and Taxi lights do not provide any 'light' on the runway/taxiways. The light appears to be on, but there is no effect on the tarmac. 2. ATC does not recognize the type. Rather than say "Katana FWND," it pauses where the type would be...."_____ FWND".... Does anyone have any idea if a work-around exists? Are these known issues or does the user :roll: require some upgrading? Also, while I have your attention, I'm considering a complete re-install of FS9 - can I just copy my Katana folder and drop it into the new install, or should I have my checkfile updated? My computer was not connected to the internet when I originally purchased the product. Many thanks for your input. Dave
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