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  1. Thank you. That is I would mean, dark as Madrid. In P3D is difficult to be in a darkness night like real. I use a brightness of 1.05 in my HDR settings.
  2. Moonlight??!! Ok, in Madrid there isn't moon during night as I can see, so rare...
  3. Here are two images. The first on is Madrid near Terminal 4 Satellite, dynamic lights works fine on the apron and the taxiway is dark, very real. The second is Barcelona, near runway 25L. As we can see, the taxiway is too bright, like if an apron lamp is illuminating the ground. I have DL and HDR on, in my P3D V4 settings.
  4. Hello, I want to propose to reduce the night lighting of Barcelona taxiways because when I'm taxiing during night there is an unreal ambient light when there aren't illumination fonts on the area. Don't seems a dark night, when I'm taxiing I can see everything without the taxi lights help. For example, Madrid Pro is perfect because the night is a real night! Everyhing is dark and I need the taxi lights if I want to see something. I hope somebody know what I say because during night is not beautiful to fly to Barcelona with this "ambient lighting".
  5. Hola! Por fin tengo instalado y funcionando el PMDG B747, con lo que me ha costado, pero aún queda un problema por resolver, y es que los flaps no se doblan para abajo ni los spoilers para arriba, de ninguna manera. En los flaps se doblan sólo unas barras, pero lo que son los flaps no. Por favor, que alguien me heche una mano con esto, que llevo mucho tiempo tenerlo instalado sin problemas y ya sólo me queda ésto. Muchas grácias!
  6. Hola! Llevo tiempo con este problema que no consigo resolver. Me gustaría que si alguien sabe cómo solucionarlo me lo dijera. Se lo agradecería mucho. Se trata de que cuando voy a seleccionar aviones y cojo el B747-400 de PMDG me dice cuando clico: PMDG_747400_main.dll cannot find PMDGOptions.dll PMDG_747400_ACS.dll cannot find PMDGOptions.dll PMDG_747400_overhead.dll cannot find PMDGOptions.dll He probado con desinstalarlo y volverlo a instalar, pero no hay manera.
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