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  1. Mine has been doing this error for months now with 1.28.9i. There are a few others on this forum who have reported the same. No solution has been found, and no help on further diagnosing the problem has been offered other than the standard update the graphics card and update/reinstall VC_redist.x64 and VC_redist.x86 2017. Once we get to that point, no further assistance or diagnosing is offered. I have recently installed windows10 (2 weeks ago) and I still have the same crash (this was a complete new build, hard drive wipe, new virgin install of windows 10, not an "upgrade"). So, somehow my two versions of windows has become corrupt (I had windows 7 before this with the same, exact crash with PFPX)?? To sum up, since 1.28.9i was released last fall I've: - Unintalled, and reinstalled VC_redist.x64 and VC_redist.x86 2017 countless times. - Updated my video drivers every time a new version came out - Went from windows 7 to Windows 10 I still have the PFPX crash... Rolling back to 1.28.9c "cures" the problem. It definitly has something to do with the World Map...something in the vector drawing, or something like that is failing PFPX. If I use another tab in 1.28.9i (like the scratchpad, or notams) the program doesn't fail. As soon as I select "World Map", PFPX crashes. The map works fine in 1.28-9c. So, my guess is something introduced from "c" to "i" is failing PFPX with some ATI cards. Using google, atioglxx.dll has something to do with OpenGL. That's as far as my expertise goes. I tried everything I could find on google to fix the atioglxx.dll error to no avail. Maybe, one day, some one from FlightSimSoft could chime in here to work with some of us? Both Tom and Mathijs do a good job holding down the fort (thank you), but only the developer can help us all find the root cause.
  2. The weight configuration page has been broken for ages. You can set anything you want in the boxes, but any adult weight will not go over 83kg. I have mine set to 88kg, close to the PMDG pax weight, but PFPX always uses 83 kg in the calculations. So, with close to 400 pax, my weight is out by 2 tons. So, I have to "fudge" PFPX by setting the infant box at 10 kg, and then dividing the pax number in half and enter it into the infant box in PFPX to "add" that missing weight. (this has been reported here in the forum, and by a ticket). Two reasons 1. I use historical weather. I don't want to always fly at night when I do flights on the other side of the world than I am to have realistic weather. If I set my self up in Singapore at 12pm local, for example, real time weather would be midnight local weather in Singapore which isn't the same. Try northern climates like mine where daytime could be in the +30's, but the night time lows could be +22-24C. And, our active weather is always late afternoon. So I use AS's historical weather to have 12pm weather when I set 12pm in the simulator. 2. I choose not to pay for a service I don't want. To me it's money down the drain as I can't use it enough to justify it. ActiveSky subscription is free. I agree. Never said it was. I said it's "looking like" abandonware. I haven't seen much activity from the developers except a few promises here and there. 2nd post, and I've owned the program since September 1st, 2013. Not bad huh? 5 years, 2 posts, and still PFPX has little "nitty gritty" things. You'd think after 5 years, those little "nitty gritty" things would have been fixed? Guess my expectations are too high. :/
  3. With all due respect, Tom, PFPX doesn't use the Active Sky API. It uses the "current_wx_snapshot.txt" document which is a legacy way of accessing their weather data. The ActiveSky_API has been available for years now. As quoted from the HIFI forum here: I'm sorry, but PFPX is the program that is not up-to-date here. It quite blatently asks you to point to the "current_wx_snapshot.txt" which has been antiquated for the last two versions of Active Sky. Frankly, the silence by the developer ranks up there in poor to nil considering the amount of money they charged all of us. Don't get me wrong, PFPX works well as is with a bunch of fudging around (the pax weight/ZFW thing has been broken forever for exanmple), but it is looking more and more like abandonware much like TOPCAT.
  4. Just for the record, I'm also getting the same faulting error...on a PC. Always worked before, so AMD changed something.
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