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  1. Hey Guys, I have a Problem with the CRJ FMS. I tried to enter the Depature-Airport and Arrival Airport. When I entered it, at will delete after one second... Do you know the problem? Best regards hpinter
  2. Hey Guys, does the Airbus A318/319 also works for FSX? Best regards hpinter
  3. Good morning, I have a short question concerning the AES for aerosoft CRJ. When I parked there is a approaching Sairways. But the CRJ has Stairways itself. What do I wrong, I downloaded the CRJ-Files in the download-section. Best regards Flo
  4. But what shows this files I sent in this Topic? I do not understand, why this depends on the low weight. I can send you some Photos about the Situiation???
  5. hey guys, I have done several flights with the CRJ. The hold of the altitude is every flight heavy weight or light weight. I have diffenrent times turbulent weather, but in my opinon this can not cause so much variation. It still the situation, that when a assigned Alitude the vertical speed increase the descend rate to -2000 ft/min. What do i wrong????? Best regards hpinter
  6. ???? I mean the hotfix? Where can I install this, this was my question. ;-)
  7. Sorry there is no readme file for the installation. An there is no installtionpath?
  8. But in real it also works. Thx for help. I hope you can find a solutuion.
  9. Hi, are you already able to take a look on the files? Best regards hpinter
  10. Hi, I still have the problem. These are the files :(. Gruß hpinter EDDMLSZHCRJ900.crj EDDMLSZHCRJ900.FLT EDDMLSZHCRJ900.WX
  11. ok. I guess this is really complex. But you did a really good job.
  12. I will pefrom another flight so and try it again. Thx for your help.
  13. Sure you are right, but the deviation is sometimes 1500 feet per miunte. The altitude increase round about 500 feet above or below the ALT in the Autopilot
  14. Hi, is it planned to create a feature like in the A320 of aerosoft, in which the crew reads the checklists and working in the cockpit? Best regards hpinter
  15. Sorry it still overshoot in the Alt with speed increase and turns.
  16. Hi guys, first of all I would say thank you to the team for a great airplane. I have in my flights a problem to hold the altitude it decrease the verticalspeed when I have set a FL for example FL100. The it is changes between FL95 and FL109. This happens when I increase or decrease the speed an when i do turns. The variation is then up to 1000 feet per minute. May you can help me to solve the problem? Best regards hpinter
  17. But the APC is in the "exe_xml_Mega Airport Prag". It looks like the same like for the Zurich V 2.0
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