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  1. SAF, Thanks for the reply ... I saw the explanation in earlier post and the manual but assumed that I was missing something ... and that is, the heli would be able to fly at cruise speed (155 kts) with the autopliot. I guess the only way to fly at 145 -155 knots over a 120 mile flight is to manually fly it with constant pitch and collective adjustments--correct? The only other question is if I have the LONG VEL set to 130 kts why am I only able to sustain 119 kts (in a 3 kt headwind)? Again Thanks.
  2. First ... Outstanding helicopter addon! How do you maintain published performance cruise speed (155 kts) in auto nav mode? I am only able to sustain 119 kts in appr hvr/depart/auto nav with Long Vel set to 130. Thanks.
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