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  1. Hi Thomas, I have engines off, parking brake set as the end of flight trigger. I'll re-check to make sure. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi Thomas, I'll try to be a bit more clear. When I finish a flight FK doesn't seem to finish. Incomplete info is flight time, fuel used, etc. If I click on disconnect it asks me if I want to abort the flight and if I say yes then another current active flight is there with all the info. This is what I meant by two flights. Just to let you know I may have solved the problem by not loading a FS flightplan in FS and manually loading a plan into FK. Perhaps doing both was causing the problem. Thanks for the reply. Lamont Duncan COO - CityLink Chief Pilot - PWA VATSIM PRC Support Staff
  3. This may have been addressed before so bare with me. I've followed the tutorial and have completed sucessful flights but lately I'm not getting the full info at the end of a flight. It also seems that I have two current flights each time. This is my procedure: 1. Start FK 2. Run FSAutoStart 3. Create flight, including loading a FS flightplan 4. Start ActiveSky4.5 and load a new route for weather 5. Connect FK to FS 6. Fill-in PAX and CARGO and change TA if required 7. Obtain FK weather, decode and save 8. Minimize FK 9. Continue with flight I have set Release Parking Brakes as start time and Set Parking Brakes and Shutdown Engines as end time. If I'm doing something wrong or out of order, please let me know. Thanks Lamont Duncan COO CityLink Chief Pilot PWA VATSIM PRC Support Staff
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