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  1. hi again mathijs, first thank you very much for your replay. i found a strange thing. if i start with the standard DC3 the attitude indicator in the DC3 Panel is working correct. if i change the aircraft in the middle of the flight to the beaver the attitude indicator is working as well in "On" and "Off" position. but after switching to "Off" and then to "On" again it stops working again. Erich
  2. hi mathijs, i followed your instructions but it is still the same problem. all other gauges working well except the attitude indicator. It only works if the selector knob is set to "off" (without showing the "Engaged" label) erich
  3. hi, in the panel_early_full the attitude indicator is only working if its set to off. setting it at on it shows "engaged" but it does not work. can anybody help me ? erich
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