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  1. Still not working! I've been reading and following the Checklist sheet. Still can't get the engine RPMS to regeister. The bar remains red. The only answer I get is read the manual? The engine temp bar is fine. The torque bar reads 17-18 when I set the collective at 30% as required by the checklist. Still the The RPM bar remains red. Exactely what part of the checklist am I missing? MudMarine
  2. I've followed the manual step by step. I spent yesterday reading and flying trying to figure out why the rpms bar isn't registering. No matter how long I sit on the ground letting the engine/rotor's spool up, the rpm bar won't move. Then when I reload it's fine? After 10hrs of trying I got off the ground three times? Very, confused by this. MudMarine
  3. I installed the Hawk and Boxer early this morning. Since then I've been only able to get it off the ground three times. Here's the problem....The collective in the VC is working fine, up and down, when I move the throttle. But the rotor RPM/engine RPM bar is red and stays red no matter what I do. I'm not able to get the rpm's up enough to get off the ground. I've read the manual, flipped every switch in the overhead, changed settings in FS9 all to no avail. I exited the game once and when I came back in and reloaded the RPM bar was green and working fine. She lifted off like a dream. I
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