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  1. I am currently using version I have downloaded from my account. Should I completely uninstall and then install OR just run the aerosoft updater? Thanks for your help and any tips that will help me avoid any issues! alcheyenne
  2. Sorry if I missed a fix for this, but the only 2D view that was installed with the FSX version on my PC was the "normal" cockpit view. For some reason all my PA31 aircraft model folders only show a panel.cfg file for the "normal" view and there is no panel.ifr and panel.ifrvfr files similar to FS9. I found this out when I attempted to click the clickspot for the co-pilot view and nothing happened. I guess I did something wrong somewhere. Should I just copy the appropriate FS9 folders over or should I do a complete reinstall? Thanks for any help! Alcheyenne
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