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  1. I fully agree with Disco79. The only reason I use this is because of the app. I fly in full screen mode with the iPad next to me. As real as it gets, and also the most convenient. I still have a subscription untill June... Please reconsider launching the app.
  2. When will the iPad app will be available again?
  3. Dear All, Since a week or so, the NDP Charts app on iPad is extremely slow with logging in and searching for airports. When selecting a random chart from any random airport it doesn't even show at all. the page stays completely grey. I already reinstalled the app a few times and crosschecked if my access is still valid - it is for another 6 months. Anyone knows what to do? Kind Regards, Filipe Spring
  4. Hello, Somehow I have no touchdown zone lights for runway 27. 06 and 18R. However, 36L does actually have where it doesn't have any in real life, I tried changing it within the AFCAD but unfortunately this didn't work. Is there any solution out there to fix the issue? Would make the night approaches a whole lot more realistic. Thanks in advance! Kind Regards, Filipe Spring
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