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  1. Thanks I followed these steps and loaded A330 and errors gone is there an EFB manual I could access to load up charts I need for a route? Also, is there an overall tutorial for A330? sean
  2. I realize Navigraph login handled by them but thanks for trying to help me. I login, then respond Yes Allow and then returned to application where I am then offered Logout in configurator. So looks good. Yet EFB error panels do not disappear
  3. I login to Navigraph in Configurator’s EFB dialog. I go to EFB and see the errors (see attached screenshot). When I go back to Configurator there is no log off button to logout and login again. So I am stuck thanks sean Latimer 😊
  4. Have installed A330 Professional yet Vol6 missing from PDF manuals 1-8? please update installer to include this volume as it’s key to learning systems and executing a tutorial thanks
  5. By the way, I used that section to get to this forum, but no clue how to reach a human being at Aerosoft to request an English manual.
  6. Thanks for responding. The installation documentation is from Captain Sim and not as thorough as the German manual. I will go to main website to re-look for support. TX
  7. I have purchased an Aerosoft DVD box through PC Aviator. The box contains a manual in German and I would like this replaced with one in English. I contacted Captian Sim but they were no help; they told me to ask Aerosoft for a manual. I do not see anywhere on the Aerosoft site where they offer product support. Any ideas of how I could manage to get an English manual out of Aerosoft would be helpful Sean
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