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  1. but the fact remains that there has been no support from aerosoft even a reply. But seriously. No problem from me. I can live jsut fine without aerosoft products believe me. Just thought I would ask and get some feedback from them.Not from other members. No biggy at all. I haven't spent that much in aerosoft products anyway.
  2. THe shockwave lighting is written into the Cat already from the day I purchased it even before I purchased the actual shockwave lighting. If you buy a car and it breaks down do you go to the dealer that sold the car or the company that made the part that broke down.
  3. I have gone for a time without a response from the support team and then I get a response from a member. Is there no support from the support team here anymore? I notice that from other posts made here and there. Aerosoft it seems has no problems taking money for their products, just problems giving support. Snave, appreciate the help. The shockwave lighting is already built into the Cat so I was expecting it to be an Aerosoft support issue, not a shockwave issue. Here in the US when you by a product you get support from the initial product designer, not from a designer of a PART of the product, but I will seek the answer elsewhere and in the future I now know that Aerosoft support is lacking and left up to other members, not the support staff. Other support sites I purchase products from all seem to be there when help is needed but here it seems that the help is little and none really at all. Please feel free to make a comeback if you wish but from my end I posted this a while back and got no response thus my feelings about this are justified. In other words, Aerosoft support has much to be desired.
  4. So there is no more support for the Catalina?
  5. Sorry if this has already been covered, if so I did not see anything, but I have gotten Shockwave lights and have been configuring some of my payware aircraft for use of this then came to the Catalina and noticed that the cfg has shockwave lighting configuration already there but nothing in the panel. I do not know much about all this. Is there something I need to do to get shockwave to function with the Catalina? Is it already automatically working once I install Shockwave lights? Do I need to remove the standard lighting config to activate the shockwave? Confused but hanging in there. Thanks
  6. I don't understand this review. http://flightsim.com/main/review/aeropby.htm I am not a real world pilot but have played around with many payware in FSX and especially the Catalina. I would have to say that right now it is one of my favs. Take-off, in flight and both landing on land and water is very enjoyable. I have not had any problems myself. Flight dynamics seem pretty awesome. I have my realism settings all maxed though I don't know if I should with this aircraft but pretty much all my VAFS flights are from -8 to -120 so I am pretty happy with it. Only problem I have had is with the config. I have not been able to work the 'save' feature but I may not be understanding what exactly it does. No matter what I check after a flight or before and that with the config and the FSX save always opens semi-cold and dark. But not really a problem to me as I always just click the cold and dark anyway. OK, wasted enough of your time. Just wanted to share my opinion. I think the reviewer either didn't know what they were doing or maybe got a bad install. Thanks Aerosoft for a great aircraft. Do wish I could log into updates though. Even had a new password sent, and still after several attempts page states not registered though I have already gotten updates for it and the Twotter. Any new aircraft along these lines coming up?
  7. It is exactly like this, because of idiots like you that have no idea what they are saying, that I do not wish to deal with support forums. You have nothing to do with this (you are not staff, owner, designer, etc) except to have nothing better to do than search around forums interjecting your opinions which I expect like myself nobody wants but you will go on and on cluttering up pples threads won't you. Your opinion has been noted. Please leave now and go play on someone elses thread and allow me to get this resolved by pple that know what they are talking about.
  8. THe AP heading does not light anymore now I notice. It is the shift+3 key pop-up. The one on the virtual cockpit panel lights but not the pop-up. Does this have something to do with the registry? CFG? I tried the flight again and did not get the error this time.
  9. And again I apologize for the way I was. I am not a forum person and do not care for them and it wasn't till later that I realized that the person snave is only a member here and not owner, admin, designer, person getting my money for the product and has nothing to do with this. If you have a way to converse over this issue in private that would be much better. And again, I am not here to join a forum, converse back and forth with pple that do not have anything to do with my purchase, I just want to get it working correctly so I can get on with my business. Thanks
  10. Yes, Win7 64. I have tried several other payware aircraft, some HD and no problems. What gets me is not only the error but why the AP changes. I have noticed it is when I change views it will not be as I had it set, for instance I might have it set for heading and then all of a sudden it is set at approach. The alt I can have set and then notice that I am gaining alt and come to find out the AP has gone off. I have checked and double checked my assignments and they are as they should be and no other aircraft programs have given me any problems like this whatsoever. Could a bad download have caused this? Like I said, I have not had any problems with FSX, any other of my payware aircraft and besides this issue my flight simming runs pretty smooth. It was suggested I do an uninstall and redownload and install but I do not see an uninstaller anywhere for the Twin Otter.
  11. I am wrong I forgot I had a Rocketfish sound card installed when I go tthe PC and I do not know the errrors except that each time after about an hour into the flight the FSX freexes and a message box says 'fatal error' and closes and the restars FSX but to the page where I setup flight all over again..
  12. Well, I do apologize. I am not real familiar with all this and to be honest I think that what got me set off was to begin with I had to join a forum to get support for a program that I purchased thinking it would be working properly. I have had a few issues with Lionheart and Carenado aircraft and always gotten support by contacting them through email. I do not have the knowledge, time or patience to have to join a forum for this. THe only reason I did was because I really wanted this aircraft and to have it work properly. I did the same flight with the Carenado HD C208 and had no error either so I know even though I have little knowledge with PCs that it is not my PC hardware. My OS is windows 7, my sound I do not know, whatever in in the PC(LMK where to find that and I will), Sim version is FSX deluxe with sp1-2 installed, I don't know about modified default.
  13. Yes, I did a few posts into this. To add: Flying in FSX with a dual core intel 3.2, ati 5750, 4GB DDR3 REX, FTX, SceneryTech, many Corenado aircraft and I just finished doing the same route in the Lionheart Epic LT with the AP voice notification activated, the cockpit radio playing, the Northstar PDA activated and glass cockpit in full use. Each time I have tried to fly any length of time I now get a fatal error with the DHC6 Twinotter. Next flight I will try the Carenado HD208 again though it has never shown an error no matter what the weather.
  14. I have to disagree. I have many payware and never any issues with any of them from Carenado, Lionheart, Flight One, DreamFleet...Well, I keep getting a fatal error message, 3 times now and FSX closes. Does not happen with any other payware, freeware, default aircraft I have. I will seek a refund from the place I purchased it. These type of issues are over my head in dealing with. Thanks. Great support.
  15. no help here? Can anyone tell me where to find help on this?
  16. Thanks. I have the unregistered version but have been looking into getting the registered so will probably do that now. Appreciate the help.
  17. Another issue is that the Autopilot has stopped working several times. I have been doing a few flights and without even touching the keyboard or any of my yoke buttons it will just stop working though the actual autopilot on the screen shows it is still working, the plane has lost heading and altitude. Do yo know where to seek help for the Aerosoft DHC6 twin otter if this is not the correct place? Thanks
  18. I thought Aerosoft was the designer. Is this the wrong forum? Like I said this is my first Aerosoft plane. I thought this was the Aerosoft support forum. Says Aerosoft on the webpage. DHC6 twin otter not from Aerosoft?
  19. Sorry if I missed it in the manual, which is great BTW, but with FSX I cannot figure out how to get reverse throttle to work without having to pull them both back with the cursor. I have 2 levers, one for each throttle, and cannot figure out how to make them come all the way back to reverse. The only option I can come up with is to either use the cursor to drag them back one at a time (can't seem to find a click point to operate both at the same time) or assign F2 (throttle decrease quickly-which does not bring them back all the way anyway) but only one throttle can be assigned. Any idea? I am fairly new to FSX so limited knowledge. This aircraft is my first Aerosoft and love it so much so I am using it as my main in the VA I have recently joined. Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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