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  1. For the TOGA I found pressing CTRL-SHIFT-G seems to set TOGA pitch bars properly on the PFD. Sean
  2. I tried to purchase the CRJ Professional due to having a discount from being a previous owner. I tried to use a gift card my daughter gave me for my Bday on paypal and it was rejected for some reason. (Should have just used my own CC!). Anyway paypal rejected the payment so I tried to order again with just my regular CC but I would have to pay full price due to my previous order being stuck stating " Your order has not been processed yet." How long will it take until Aerosoft realizes paypal rejected the payment so that I might try to order again and get my discount. I opened a ticket up with support but have not yet heard back from them. Thanks, Sean Green
  3. I sent an email to support here in the US but I purchased a credit pack but recieved no serial number in email on in my order history to add the credits. Any help appreciated. Sean Green
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