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  1. I installed with the livery manager in the new a318/319 an American/Piedmont and in Chaseplane..there are no inside view? Is this normal? I can get the views inside ok on the liveries that came with the program but this is the only livery I have added and no inside views. Thanks, Bob M.
  2. Ignore about thumbnails..reading manual...maybe i will figure it out.. Bob M
  3. I replace the exe with the one you sent me.... and I get the "language" error as well. Just curious..No Thumbnails for Aerosoft A318/319 and probably A320/321 Pro. Is there some where to get those or add them in. Thank you Bob M. languageError.txt
  4. Yeah, disabled....the platform selection comes up where you can tick it to remember and then the black bar shows up and then the program disappears. Next time it comes up with platform selection and tick box undone and it disappears? Bob M.
  5. me Three....same screen..black bar and I do have internet access...uninstalled, reinstalled and same thing. Thanks, Bob M.
  6. Yeah...a trigger text finally showed up mysteriously on the P3dv4.3 Machine side. I do have a shared folder on the client but its blank..no biggee... Thank you, Bob M.
  7. Thanks...learning...I have a "shared folder" only on main machine...do I need one on the clent side in say a Simstarter directory where the exe is located. If the shared folders are setup correctly..is there some kind of info written there? Sorry for questions...I will do the text and check permission...I learned how to do that by doing active sky setup for days on end to get it to connect to the sim.. Thanks for all the help. Warmest Regards, BOB M.
  8. I just added some stuff to my prev post. Should I tick anything at bottom on client side like: Search..... or Continuous..... Thank you, Bob M.
  9. Thank you. Yeah I am networking. Ok..just curious.. I have Active Sky; EFB2.0; Super Traffic Board etc . I added them in programs on the client and they do launch when I start SimstarterNG on Main Computer, because I ticked the SimStarterNG Client for profile. Is there a way on the client machine, these proigrams can be shut down at same time as NG on the Main Computer? I also notice even though the Shared Folder (inside the Simstarter NG Directory on Main Machine) is read and write ready and shared etc....the folder is empty? Bob M.
  10. ok thank you...the guy Mike Collins (been around forever) did the youtube and he had that folder and has your new airbus... You have earned your Kudos today.. Warmest, Bob M.
  11. Been looking..in one video it shows in the main directory under Documents/Aerosoft...a folder called Airbus....I do not have that one..just Aerosoft A318-319 Professional and other folders. Where should they (Flight Plans) be saved for access? like for Simbrief etc. Thanks, Bob M.
  12. Do I still need to do something with the Options MCDU? Bob M.
  13. I do notice that when I start p3dv4.3 and chaseplane which loads automatically that I get a wing view on left side (this is the Airbus) and the presets kinda freeze up so I can't change it and then it will unfreeze and begin to work right but also in the menu the default is custom and then I have to select Change view to Cockpit and On-board Chaseplane to get from the wingview to the captain view. I even try to save the scenario with the inside view and it still defaults to Views-Custom...etc.? Bob M.
  14. That fixed it... I will redownload Chaseplane now. Thanks, Bob M.
  15. lol.....obvious...thanks, uhmm..maybe spoke too fast...this is a picture of my directory....looks different than yours. Bob M.
  16. Reading Chapter 8 but not sure if I install a 2nd copy of Simstarter NG on client machine or a Client module..where is it or what do I do. Thanks, Bob M.
  17. Not sure I am not doing something wrong but when I load up the airbus I get this view. I try to change it in menu and resave and it still defaults to this view even when chaseplane loads. I removed Chaseplane and still this view. https://imgur.com/OG6Fv2T Thanks, Bob M.
  18. Thank you, reinstalling and unticked the 3 (2 UTLive and Traffic Global). The UTLive loadup screen (little blue screen) still launches.....does this have something to do with the add-on xml..do I need to change something else? I noticed that my P3dv4.3 screen crashes when I attempt to load a PMDG 747...is this something with all PMDG planes. The Aerosoft new a319 (if I select) launches fine? Thanks, Bob M.
  19. Started using this finally....Having some issues... I am getting the message about loading times for simobjects like UTLive or Traffic Global etc. here is a screenshot...what if anything do I untick to speed up loading time. Also when I start NG..I have a profile set up but the p3dv4.3 never loads although its running in the task manager. What am I missing here.snippetSimstarter Loadup screen. P3dv4.3 never appears but ist running? Thank you, Bob M.
  20. This is what I did: I installed...(1) Installed as administrator...rebooted computer and when I launched p3dv4.3...those were the errors msg. Nothing had been done to computer between the two processes. (2) I uninstalled Airbus and with Tom's help..I installed only the first Visual Studio 2017 x64 redistributable and then p3dv4.3 launched fine. (3) I reinstalled A318/319 and now everything seems to be fine. Maybe something got corrupted. Just in case anyone else might have the same issue. I am running Windows 10x64 latest update. Great product btw. Thank you Tom and Mathijs
  21. When I launch P3dv4.3...I get the following errors......System Errors: VCRuntime 140.dll; MSVCP140.dll; CONCRT140.dll....Said try reinstalling program? What program. I am certainly not reinstalling P3dv4.3 from scratch and all my addons. I rebooted after installing per the screen and I click on the p3dv4.3 exe and this is what I get. Thanks for any help. I have turned off av etc and ran install as administrator. Thanks, Bob M
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