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  1. Basically I only start P3D using Simstarter, and the issue is that scenery priority particularly with FT Amsterdam keeps changing even though I raise the priority order in P3D. What do you mean by setting the correct entry points? David
  2. I have Fly Tampa Amsterdam and I want to be above Orbx EU and Orbx Netherlands. However, when I have changed the priority, the next time I run P3D V4.5 via Simstarter, I notice that it has moved to priority 120. I have even re-installed Amsterdam. How can I stop scenery moving priority? Thanks David
  3. I understand how to save a panel state via the P3d menu but it is not saving the flightplan in the MCDU and other MCDU settings. David West
  4. Thank you- I understand. Regards David West
  5. I am working through the tutorial and I want to save the panel at intermediate stages so I can come back to it. David West
  6. I have read that the panel state should be saved when saving a scenario, but this does not work for me. David West
  7. Nato 4: In-flight Refueling David West
  8. I am struggling with the IFR Mission in the mission pack. Although fsx shows that I am taking fuel onboard, the engine stops because it has run out of fuel. I have upgraded to v1.03. David
  9. I do not see any updates for the mission pack there- only 1.21 for the F16 which I have installed. I assumed that if I have recently downloaded the mission pack, it would come with all the updates. Regards David
  10. I have recently downloaded the F16 mission pack, but am having problems with the 1st mission. I see that there is a similar thread from 2 years ago which was not fully answered. If I follow arrow lead this does not result in anything. It is not clear however how I can continue to follow the AWACS. Is there a problem with this mission?
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