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  1. It isn't there. I suspect the reason is that I have FSX-SE installed on an external SSD. But again, it is not really a problem as the written tutorial is clear enough. Aerosoft DC8.pdf
  2. The scenarios folder isn't there so the tutorial doesn't show up when trying to load a flight. I did a reinstall, but that made no difference. It's no big deal though as I do indeed have the tutorial's PFD and I expect I will be able to work my way through it. Thanks anyway for your reply.
  3. Having recently purchased and installed the DC-8 in FSX-SE I attempted to familiarise myself with the a/c by flying the Honolulu to Vancouver flight tutorial. It would seem however that this tutorial has not been installed on my PC, at least I am unable to find it anywhere on my system. Can you point me in the right direction please.
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