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  1. simMechanic

    Pressurisation Issues

    Im having DIFF PRESS warning messages too Eventually the pressurization stabalizes, but the outflow valve in either manual mode or dump mode has no effect Edit: Later in my flight the cabin alt continued to climb at 300+ FPM until DP was 0.0. Something is definitely broken here.
  2. simMechanic

    MFD Range dial CTD

    Fun fact in the real CRJ you cant hardly use full range because the screen flickers so badly. Something about the amount of objects displayed on the screen, it's pretty much useless.
  3. simMechanic

    Boost pump logic

    I noticed this too. It's wacky. Maybe they are simulating a failed relay?
  4. CRJ nose wheel steering an doing a 70* articulation under hydraulic power. Further articulation is possible under tow if the torque links are disconnected.
  5. simMechanic

    What version am I running?

  6. simMechanic

    What version am I running?

    How do I tell what version of the software (airbus x) I have installed?
  7. simMechanic

    the engine start

    I notice almost all FSX planes have this problem. The wilco airbus does not however, it does a nice gradual ITT increase, just the way FADEC is supposed to. So in my opinion, yes it can work if done right.
  8. simMechanic

    Unable to reach takeoff power

    Hello, I am having a problem which I have not been able to figure out on these forums or google. When I go to take off I find that the N1 speed does not reach the specified FLX or TOGA settings. I configure my settings in the FMS, and I advanced the throttle to FLX or TOGA and I only get about 81% N1 no matter what my config is. The display on the right on the N1 wheels shows what the N1 setting should be for TOGA and FLX, but it never goes above 81% N1? I should note that I can use the keyboard to increment the throttles manually and I can get to max power that way, but seems like the throttles should work automagically. Any advice on this would be great. It's really frustrating. Thanks!