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  1. Thanks for your answer Matthijs. That is a real big bummer. Was so hoping for this airport (live very close by)... Let's hope he will step up to the task again.... I know about the NL2000 version JarredP, but that has not been completely updated for v4.5 yet,so I'd rather wait....
  2. It has been on the previews of unreleased products forum for a while, and now it has vanished. No trace, no announcement, nothing. Very disappointing.Have been waiting for it for a long time..... Please tell us what is going on? Regards, JB
  3. YEAHHH! Finally, I have been hoping for this. One of the most beautifull and exciting approaches in Europe. Thanks so much for reviving it!
  4. Hmm, strange. I only fly the Lear and that has just one door, but still two buses. But I also configured a luggage door to have the Luggage truck too.. Could that be the culprit then? But what about also implementing a smaller bus? Like a Mercedes or Volkswagen personscarrier? Would that be possible? Or Else, if I could find a good Bus myself, can I then replace the Aerosoft bus by one of my own? Thanks so far! Jaap
  5. Hello, Could this be something to think about for one of the next releases: When you fly a smaller passenger plane, like a Learjet, the arriving of two! big buses for boarding / deboarding seems a little overdone. Maybe it is possible to let AES consider the dimensions of an airplane to decide whether to send one small bus, one big bus or two big buses? Would sure be nice! Thanks for AES, a great Enhancement to the sim world! Jaap EHRD
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