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  1. Hi Mathijs, Normally I don't use Discord, but I've just connected, it works.
  2. Me too I would much appreciate a clear announcement for the future of TOPCAT, whether "good" or "bad".
  3. Hello Stephen, Many thanks for your hint, much appreciated. After all those years, it is amazing how you are helpful with the community on PFPX. If I could I would award you a medal besides the "Like".
  4. Hi, After several years of sim inactivity, I am resuming wiht PFPX 2.03 I'm a bit lost with the new EDTO (vs ETOPS before) tab. Is there any tutorial? EDTO airports have to be entered manually whereas before there were some suggestions...
  5. Please disregard, the power on/off works.
  6. Hi, I'm transitioning from Boeing to Airbus and I elected the AS 320 Pro to do that because the "day to day operations" philosophy and the pricing are fine to me. I had a previous version of the AS A320 for FSX but never got a chance to fly it, so I appreciate the discount on the Pro version for previous owners. The weather radar has a huge impact on my fps. I tried to power it off but unless I did something wrong, no joy. Searching on the forum I found an old topic with a file to edit, but it was for a previous version of the Bus. How can I deactivate the weather radar? Thanks.
  7. Hello Mathijs, Any news please? Do you think it is reasonable to hope for a release before Christmas? Or is it wiser to aim for next year?
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