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  1. OMG, never thought this could happen.......in a video on YouTube I found the solution. The ethernet cable link to the yoke...... I know my mock is not so well anticipated, but let my frankly say: even my first thrustmaster 1998 hat the cable inside the yoke-shaft and I never saw it in a real plane either. On every photo I saw by now, this cable-connection was not depicted, I assumed falsely it is a connection cable to the throttle unit. For now, main problems solved. If fine tuning issues comes up, I will give report
  2. P3D v4.5; P3D Maule, A2A Cessna 182; Carenado 172N. Still no success. To improve learning curve good and detailed information is needed....
  3. Really? It's normal to put an item out of the box only half of it`s switches are working? Could be broken, connection, configuration..... next 2 hours are invain with slightly embarresment. In the box no hint like, please download configuration tool, look at the forum and so on. Aersoft sells variant items of simulation-software, this I know since over 20 years as the advertisment flyer laid by says. An additional flyer with notes (which I now have gathered) for configuration Honeycomb Aeronautical Yoke would be a too big effort, right? Be sure, for me this is a singular occaison in my relation to Aerosoft, no consequence, and be sure as well, usual I know what I buy, why and where. Finally thank you very much for your effort to prepare a Default config file for P3D for me, highly appreciated. Have a Good Day.
  4. I appreciate it very much to buy a piece of hardware for 210€ without getting a sufficent Guide for installation in P3D v4.5. To make it clear, I request a complete list of command that can be filled in your driver software to use the buttons on the yoke (trim, flaps, Coolie had etc). And if you would be a little be more customer friendly, you pack it in a configuration file and give me the chance to modify it. If you are ready, drop me a line. Until then I refuse to touch this unedibility!
  5. Hallo zusammen, ich habe zwei Fragen 1. Wie bekomme ich nachts Licht (dome light) in das PMDG 737 Cockpit? In der Hoffnung durch updates dieses Problem gelöst zu bekommen, die nächste Frage 2. Wie kann ich die boxed Version der PMDG 737-800/900 von Aerosoft von Version 1.1. auf Version 1.3 updaten? Ich finde nirgends eine Version 1.2, diese ist scheint die Voraussetzung für das update auf die Version 1.3 zu sein... Gruss einstweilen Bernhard (LSZH)
  6. Does anybody has ideas to fix it? thanks Bernhard (LSZH)
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