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  1. Hi There Stephen, OK thanks for the information on that! :-)
  2. Hello there. I am using PFPX 2.03 in conjunction with ASP4. I have created a flightplan, and am up to the print OFP. The only issue I am having is the when I am on the World map page, my route is there OK, but the Play and Now button is greyed out, so I fear I must be missing something' Many thanks, Chris Morgan, Perth, Western Australia
  3. Hello there. I am interested in finding out if the "Default" startup view (VC 40% Zoom) can be changed? I currently use EZDOK and have setup a view similar to the jumpseat view, but kind of standing up as if you are at the cockpit door. It would be great if this view could be used on startup default view I have tried loading the view, and saving the flight as the default flight, but alas, the default view (VC 40% Zoom) shows again when the sim is started. Its not a big deal, but the view I created looks much more like you are about to get into the drivers seat, LoL Thanks, Chris
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