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  1. here we go, still some little rebel bits to locate on the sheets, but it's well underway now. heavy work on allumium color and reflexion for it to work good without the chrome wet aspect.I 'd really like to add those genius effect of the original release but can't put my grasp on it yet.
  2. last bit of question, still on the same video, some big building on the left side of the runway 21, near the middle, couldn't find anyother pictures of it, if any one knows what it is would be welcome.
  3. Another spot on the base, on this video : you can see after they clear the ramp, turning right just before the arresting barrier, that passing by the camera man, there is some kind of watch tower, and a shed, unfortunately, no trace of them are remaining on the sat photos or aerials i have, does any one know where this could be?
  4. well, seem we're a bunch to make binbrook scenery. I'd like to know how the number tags work for the parking spots, on some photo we see 65 , 66 tagged on yellow boards, i guess they're the parking number but how would it work as there is no 66 + parking spots on the ramp or on the base neither. thanks in advance if you can help.
  5. Hi, i'm a great fan and user of the lightnings! I do a bit of repaint too and i'm seeking for the effects/lignes scratches/bolts, as after making a few greys ' i'm moving on the two tones schemes, and the original liveries, have really great detailing that aren't in the paintkit layers. So if they're still available, would be neat and faster to use them! Thanks again for those really moving and enjoyable birds!
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