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  1. Bram Stikkel

    How to activate the windscreen wipers of the Twotter?

    Mark, thank you very much. Do you happen to know if there is also a keypress combination for it? Kind regards ! Bram
  2. Hello all, I have searched in the manual, the internet and this forum, I studied the instrumentpanels, but I can find out how to put on and off the windscreen wipers of teh Twin Otter Extended.. Anybody who knows how to do that? Thanks! Bram Stikkel
  3. Bram Stikkel

    Antonov An-2 preview (released)

    Hi everybody, Though I can understand the wish to be able to start a plane using all handlings one needs to start the real plane, I would really appreciate an option for an basic CTRL+e start too.
  4. Bram Stikkel

    PC-6 B2-H4 'Turbo Porter' 4X Preview

    I did not read all the pages of this item, but will there be a modelversion with the weatherradar on one of the wings ? You can see one here at the picture, it is the black bulb at the left wing.