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  1. Wondering if anyone who's good at painting aircraft could re-paint easyJet Airbus A320 G-EZTT Thanks in advance
  2. Hey maddz! Problem is I deleted the original info, is there anyway I can get it back? Or will I have to live with just CFM engined Airbus'? Thanks.
  3. Thanks very much guys! But one last question, do I leave the info that is originally in 'Notepad' and paste the details from the readme file underneath or do I replace the original info with the readme file info? Thanks.
  4. Yes but the only problem is that I do not have a choice to open it with Notepad, haha
  5. Thanks Emi! But how do I create the file?
  6. Thanks Chris & Mark, I really appreciate all the help! But I still do not have an aircraft.cfg folder in the Aerosoft Airbus X A320 CFM folder. Maybe im accessing the FSX folder in the wrong way? Could you give me instructions how to do it properly. Cheers.
  7. Hello, When I open the CFG. file it opens up a re-paint program I have on my computer. What do I do with that? Thanks. Kevin.
  8. Thanks for the help guys but one more problem, in my Aerosoft A320 CFM folder I don't have a folder called aircraft.cfg to paste the text in to. Thanks.
  9. Give the guy some time! We all have our own lives outside of FSX haha
  10. Hey Guys, I have seen a lot of different liveries for the A320/321 on the forum but I simply don't know how to get them into FSX I've tried downloading them and putting them into the FSX Airplanes folder but then they do not appear when I choose an aircraft. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Yes that is true Shaun, but the only reason I emailed and posted on the forum is so I could get advice both from the makers of the product and fellow simmers.
  12. I agree! Thats why I posted on the forum as well as emailing so maybe other could benefit aswell but im still having trouble with the aircraft diving while on short final at about 200ft! Anybody know a solution? Thanks
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