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  1. Yes I do confirm also for the Scheduled flights, the weight limit seems to be 88kg
  2. Sorry for delay in reporting my further tests. I can confirm that with version 1.28.4 there are various problem with weight calculations changing the values in the option page. The non scheduled flight pax weight over 83 kg are calculated 83kg, the G, M and X kgs over 110kg are calculated as 110kg. For children and infants I noticed that (even if it could be not of interest) for G, M and X type PFPX calculates the weight using the X value instead of the specific indicated per type. The baggage seems to work correctly
  3. As soon as possible I'm going to make some other tests possibly updating to last version
  4. Hi, I just made some tests and it seems to work quite correctly when I change the options in Weights page even if in some situation it use some seconds to correct the calculation and strangely after that, the Airline code disappears and I need to reselect it again. In some cases changing momentarily the ATC type make the system to recalculate correctly the weight. After all, there is some strange behaviour but it seems to be only temporary. I made the test using version 1.23 at the moment.
  5. Salve ho notato che il VOR/DME AMS risulta disattivo. Ho tentato di modificare il file AF2_EHAM_01.bgl con AFCAD ma una volta salvato e attivato al posto dell'originale ci sono dei problemi: infatti improvvisamente compaiono i cartelli dei raccordi in mezzo alle taxi. Intuisco che il file afcad non può essere modificato in modo così semplice. Quale è la soluzione per avere il vor AMS? Tra l'altro con il file originale non modificato invece non is vede nessun cartello indicatore delle taxiway e non so se questo è normale o meno. In effetti la mancanza di cartelli (tranne che quelli ai punti attesa che indicano le piste) crea non pochi problemi nel riconoscere i vari raccordi. Cosa mi sfugge?
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