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  1. Hello Markus, i had not seen these knobs ! Thank you Michel
  2. Hello, since the last update1.3.0.2, the data displayed on the FCU are not sifficient illuminated, not so readable. Why ? Is there a set knob for that. Michel
  3. Hello Hanse, i agree, the standard view for a318...a321 are not based on wideview option. Probably the change comme from the a330 configuration no ? Is not a diificulty to change the value of zoom , just a little fastidious.. Michel
  4. Thank you Mopperle, i prefer turning off wide view aspect ratio, and modify the zoom panel by panel , for my liking. It's a little bit fastidious, but if there is no more difficulties that's correct. Nobody else ahve encounter that change ? i have not seen a topic about it. Michel
  5. Hello, i have made a new full reinstall and i can say with certainty that the "problem" or new set of the zoom, that is to say an important rapprochement (0.70,0.80 1)according to the chosen views, begin with the update Perhaps it is not a problem but a new managing of the views ? I shall test a flight to see what happens. Michel.
  6. hello mopperle, the view on the attached file is the cockpit 3D, i used my jotstick and the "chinease" hat to modify the point of view. All the others : overhead, pedestal , the engine exterior etc... it is necessary to correct the zoom. Michel.
  7. Hello, i test all the panels view. I must modify each of them for the zoom , one one by one. With wide view ratio checked or not.
  8. hello With wide view checked an other problem. The document stay on the thriottle. See on the attached file. That problem don't exist when it is unchecked. APU sound shut down about 5 minutes. No info bar on the top of the screen coordinated with MCDU. Hum ! too much problems... Michel
  9. I understand, so it is a change with the or ?
  10. hello, always no reply, and i continue to test A318....A321. I made a mistake in my last topic: It was not zoom 0.70 for the defaut view of the CP main panel but 0.40 when wide view aspect ratioo is unchecked in the option display. Excuse me. I don't have the solution. Is somebody else has that problem ? Michel.
  11. hello, can you see at the attached files. When i check the wide view aspect ratio in the display option, you can see the change: AC commander zoom 0.30 but more small and distant than when wide view is unchecked . A318 zoom 0.30 in wide view and not easy to fly , change in 2 seconds automatically to the " C P main view" zoom 0.80 that is better than 1 when wide view is unchecked , but not 0.70 like normal CP main view. For me, the problem come with the update May be i am wrong but i have no change in P3D V.5. I have made a clean reinstall for A318....321. i cannot explain that. Michel
  12. hello, nobody for a solution ? Michel.
  13. Hello, you have to open the udater, accept expérimental in the configuration and you start upload and you see in the menu : Michel
  14. Hello, i tested few minute ago the views. You can see in the attached files the CP main panel of the AC commander (default plane include in P3D) no problem : 0.30 zoom stable..... I select A318, first view just after i changed plane and 2 seconds after : 1 zoom !!! Really there is a problem no ? Thanks for yours replies
  15. hello, i have not changed my settings in P3D from a long time and i had never seen that problem. Tomorrow il lookfor a solution . What do you mean Mathijis "my start up fit files" ? Michel.
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