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  1. Hello, i think yes, but my problem was begining during the climb process. Michel.
  2. OK, il look forward to testing it. Michel.
  3. Thanks i have no doubt that these issues will be resolved. Michel
  4. Hello Mathijs, I have not checked the fuel load at that moment (i used the fuel planner with sufficient quantity), but the problem was a climb speed which don't respect the managed speed. Too low, very low as you can see. Michel.
  5. Thank you Mathijs, because you can see on another topic that i have some problem with the Airbus 320 IAE. it may depend on the same bug. Michel.
  6. Here are the screenshots
  7. Hello, i don't know exactly if that problem was already indicated. I create a flight with an A320 -232 IAE, and i noticed that it was impossible to get the speed managed during the climb , and when i reach the cruise altitude the engine shut down ! Somebody has the same problem ? Is the problem known ? Thanks for replies.
  8. Hello, iam "satisfied" to see that the problem with RNAV approach is not my problem , but an airbuspro problem. I trust in the persons in charge of aerosoft to solve this difficulty.­čÖé Thank for your reply. Michel.
  9. Hello, no news about that problem ? I would simply want to indicate that when i tested approach with ILS (LOC and Glide slope) , it seemed that the altitudes constaints were respected. I have made 2 flights yesterday, without difficulties. Michel.
  10. Hello, i test another flight: LFPO (ORLY) to LFRB (BREST). RNAV07R via RB400. Tou can see on the sreenshots, that the plane don't follow the altitudes constraints in the final on manged mode. I must change to selected mode for landing. And you can see a altitude constraint at the waypoint SOPEX 6000 and the plane seem on a good slope pefore it..
  11. Hello, i have made a new flight, from LFLL (Lyon) to LOWI (Innsbruck) approach rw08 with star RNAV08-Z. Same problem. At the FAF point WI750 (alt 13000) the plane don't follow the descent to WI751 (alt 6600). I change from manged mode to selected mode: TRAK, altitude and VS 3.6┬░ . And so is possible to continue the descent and landing. If i push the button APPR it stop the descent. Only ATHR is on. No other way than all in selected mode. I shall test another RNAV with a different airport. Michel
  12. mtlt


    Hello, has somebody problem with the pusback ? I use the classic pushback : start pusback from the FMGS and so one. If i stop pushback before the normal and maximum distance defined by the process, i have a problem with the nose gear, it is blocked. If i am on the tarmac and push the throttle the plane go straight ahead( there is an yellow alarm on the ecam). I stop and i see that it go back. I type maj P one or twice and the alrm disappear and the nose gear work normally. I can move forward. It's strange no ? Michel
  13. Thank you Mathijs, it seems if i choice selected mode , perhaps i can shall have a best approach. As i said before, i have reinstalled all my simulator to get a clean one. But i think the managed mode will be always a problem in that situation. Tomorrow i try again another flight to LOWI with RNAV08-Z in managed mode and selected mode. I shall try one flight to another destination with RNAV approach in managed mode. Michel
  14. Hello Mathijs, do you confirm that there is a problem , when you see the screenshots ? I can confirm that i have made the same flight exactly before the without problem. i have made a new reinstall few minutes ago for airbus version , i overwrite the updater with the files i have found on the forum in a topic created by Hans Hartmann on 17 november and i update the A318 to 321 to the version without difficulties. Now i reinstall my liveries. Michel.
  15. Hello Mopperle and Mathijs, as i said yesterday i have made today the same flight with A319 CFM ; LFPG to LOWI, with weather AS P3D V4, and a STAR for RNAV08-Z in managed mode. You can see that all is okey before the IAF (ELMEM) alt 13000feet. I pushed the approach perf on the FMGS, and the plane stay at this alt up to WI750 the FAF point. Normal. But it doesn' t begin the normal descent to WI751 (066), but when it reach that point, suddenly it dives and the speed increase continously , the alarms are on, and it is impossible to land correctly I have made already this approach, with no difficulties. What happens. An error from me ? or a bug. I had reinstall Airbus pro 64 bits 2 days ago and i updated correctly with aerosoft update . Thank for a reply. Michel.