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  1. Hello, i tested a flight with an airbus 320CFM, and effectivly i have the same "issue". I was wrong, excuse me. Perhaps as you said a problem with the weather addon. Michel.
  2. Hello, thanks for yours replies, i specify that that "issue" don't exist with Airbus CFM. I use the weather addon Activ sky for P3D V4.5. Michel.
  3. hello, i don't know exactly if there is already a topic for that issue . In my last flight i found an issue when i was in managed climb mode. The plane (A321 IAE ) did not climb regularly. The vertical speed increases and decreases slowly and the pitch varies lightly. I have not seen that problem with Airbus CFM. No difficulties in descent mode. Has somedy the same problem ? I must say , that on others important difficulties i have seen on that forum before the update , now the sim seems work correctly. Thanks for yours replies
  4. Thanks Mathijs, we hope a quick solution. Michel.
  5. hello, i confirm that there is a problem: it seems that the sim start on takeoof state. The doors are closed, the engines work and so on.. 1-I select firs the taxi state, no change. 2-I select turm around , good, but 2 cargo doors are open with the left front door 3-i select cool dark state, no change. I select the electrical panel (F12 on my computer) and i set off all the knobs and i am really in cool dark state I'ts a little complicated no ? I don't think is a serious bug but it's important to solve it. Michel.
  6. excuse me i have not seen that there is a new topic on the MCDU option about the cool and dark state. Michel.
  7. hello, i let a message on another topic, and i confirm that the cool and dark state don't work at all with the update. Michel
  8. Thank you Mathijs, but i just tested the program airbus pro, and i have a problem: it seems impossible to set the cold and dark state. I choice that one on the FMS first (DEF on geen) but it doesn't work. The engines start and so on... I rebooted the program. What happens ? Michel.
  9. Hello Keenrw and Mathijs, the texture folder are in the right place no problem and i saved all the FLTSIM.XXXX before applying the update and pasted these in the aircraft.cfg. But perhaps my explanation is not clear. I ask only : is it necessary to save and past the textures folders you find in the folder of the airplanes also after an update? Michel.
  10. Thank you for your reply i have saved all the aircraft.cfg folders before, and i have pasted these one by one in the folders of the differents aircrafts after the update. Mathijs said me it was the solution. So i have not pasted the textures folders. Perhaps is better to do that, i don't know. Michel.
  11. Hello, i've waited until now to update the airbus pro. I am reinstalling the liveries. But one question please : is it also necessary to reinsatll the folder TEXTURE for each aircraft? Thank for yours replies. Michel.
  12. Hello, is it really necessary to save liveries before installing experimental update ? what is the best and easier method to save and reinstall liveries ? I use the following process so far: i save all the original liveries in a new folder, and in the aircraft.cfg folder, i erase the curent fltsim.xx and i copy and past the original one. it's a litle long to do. Michel.
  13. Hello Mopperle, you can test the flight you can see in the upload file but it wasn't the most interesting. I erased the others. I used the A321 IAE. Michel. CYULKJFK01.flp
  14. Hello i want to reply at Frank.j.Herter for his topic above. I agree with him: it seems that the problem arise mainly over united states and with airbus A321. In europe now, with the bus i have no more difficulties. all this countered strange but i confirm that i had the same impression. Michel
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