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  1. Hello, i agree totally despite some (minor) issues, at this time the best useful and stable combo is FSHUD & Aerosoft Simple Traffic it will great enhance FS2020. Best regards
  2. hello, its not the case at all in my example, i drop only an "AIG-OCI-xxxx" folder in community (nothing else) and it works fine for all planes for all 3rd airports, ST don't but i prefer simple traffic because it's "optimized" for FS and not old FSX stuff. already done but thanks to help. like i said, these issues appears only on 3rd parties airports (also with aerosoft airports) with default asobo airport there is not any problem at all about ST liveries, ALL planes have ST liveries. I talk only about "Ground aircraft density" option which put not moving aircraft at airports. best regards, thanks to help
  3. I disagree there is something to tweaks and you should take a look please. Random liveries don't means default asobo liveries, it means that you can have a Simple Traffic JAPAN plane at a regional france airport. i dont' know at all why you posted screenshots with AI Traffic and told me no issues or your side, my first post was clear about what i used: "I usually activate "Airport Ground aircraft" to 100" with MS AI traffic disabled and MS online traffic disabled: a free(!) product like "aig-aitraffic-oci-beta" liveries works fine at EBBR or others airports with "ground aircraft density" slider above 0 and ALL planes have random liveries (no problem) but there are from AIG mod folder's liveries not default asobo's. so if it's was an MSFS issue, like with Simple traffic, there would be some aircraft with good liveries and others with asobo liveries, it's not the case at all with "aig-aitraffic-oci-beta". ZERO plane with default asobo liveries. I have not used at all AIG AItraffic controller utility which inject AI aircraft (i didn't use it), i tried only "aig-aitraffic-oci-beta" folder which contains liveries like simple traffic contains also liveries. so no external/internal AI ingame, just "Airport Ground aircraft" used. so you should take a look at ST please, maybe there is something missing or to tweak in BGL files. and like i said and seem forgotten... 1.2.1 was working better, less planes with default asobo liveries. and VERY important thing ! this "ground aircraft density" issue seem to appear with third party airport, not default airport Aerosoft EBBR lots of planes have not any liveries . default ASOBO airport All plane have liveries ! good your beloved customer Order: 1120376xxx (PM if needed) - 21/15/12
  4. i'am not alone Simple traffic works fine with AI traffic and online traffic but not with static aircraft. Thanks for your post RogePete @Mopperle, is it static aircraft on your screen or AI traffic ? because like you see below, i have not any problem with AI traffic (LSGG example)
  5. no i have only simple traffic for planes i tested also with only simple traffic and aerosoft EBBR and FENIX A320, nothing else in community folder your screenshot are with aerosoft EBBR ?
  6. hope you have it Aerosoft ! EBBR see screenshot please Aerosoft EBBR lots of planes have not any liveries . default ASOBO airport All plane have liveries ! good hope you will find fixes best regards
  7. see attached 1.2.2 all without Liveries.... (apart my plane) LFLL from digital design 1.2.1 works fine with very few planes without liveries at the same airport
  8. i found explanation default asobo airport LFLL and LFBO 1.2.1 works fine for all planes 1.2.2 works fine for all planes juste 2 examples: Digital design LFLL 1.2.1 works fine with only few planes without liveries 1.2.2 works very bad with "all" planes without liveries Flightbeam LFBO 1.2.1 works fine with few planes without liveries 1.2.2 works very bad with "all" planes (at the gate) without liveries what did you change between 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 ? (apart adding skins) fyi AIG-OCI free liveries (without using traffic utility) works fine with 3rd party airport. i never had such issues with prior versions (1.2.1, 1.2.0) . i bought Simple traffic day one and fly only with 3rd airport i bought or download @flightsim.to so with 1.2.1 there are very more planes with simple traffic deliveries than with 1.2.2 at 3rd party airport (no issue with default asobo aiport) very strange issue. best regards
  9. Hello I usually activate "Airport Ground aircraft" to 100 I know very well, it use random texture, it's not a problem for me. but here is the bug 1.2.0 version is working fine, lots of planes (jet airliners) with liveries 1.2.1 version is working fine, lots of planes (jet airliners) with liveries with 1.2.2 version, on same airports, lots of plane (jet airliners) without liveries so i use 1.2.1 at this time best regards
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