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  1. Hi Chris, thx for the reply, but isn't EZCA a payware program? I didn't want to go the additional expense. If I could just edit the aircraft cfg file and save a profile with Track IR this would solve my issue. Just not certain as to how to edit the cfg file (proper parameters) appropriately in order to resolve my issue. (Or, I was hoping someone would have a TIR profile here in the forums which has resolved this issue). Looks as though I'll have to continue researching outside this forum. Rgds, XCLTM3
  2. Anyone out there using Track IR 4 (or 5) with Airbus X A320? The reason I ask this, is that by default the Vitrual Cockpit view places you way too high so that your view is over the glareshield out the window. In order to view the instruments you either have to; 1. Keep staring down toward the instruments (not very safe/practical for all landings and take-offs) &/or 2. You have to zoom out and this means your view and interpretation of the instruments is nil. I just need to know if anyone has a Track IR profile that resolves this issue, or, can someone at Aerosoft give me a quick & easy to comprehend guide on how to edit the aircraft / view config file so that I may lower the field of view/eyepoint to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance, XCLTM3
  3. Thanks MatzeH84, I'll give this a try. Rgds, XCL
  4. This problem does not always occur but has several times now. Despite the fact that the Take-Off config checks out OK, I still from time to time get this problem. I do not use FLEX (although even when I have this problem has occurred). With all systems checked OK prior to T/Off, I steadily increase thrust to TO/GA. Once Vr is obtained I pull gently to 10 degrees nose pitch up and begin the climb. Even before reaching thrust reduced altitude, the auto throttle pulls back to idle and I cannot regain control and the aircraft stalls (even after adjusting pitch). I don't believe it is my joystick/throttle (Wingman 3D Extreme) but would appreciate any insight. Regards, XCL
  5. Searched the manual and forums, but couldn't locate an answer to this. Does anyone know how to counteract-resolve the amber warning message you receive when employing the "Wing Anti-Ice" button on the overhead? When switching to the engine bleed page you visually see the temperature begin to gradually decrease to -20 (minus) Degrees Celcius and the amber warning remains on the ECAM indefinitely. Appreciate any assistance. Rgds, XCL
  6. Can anyone organise to convert J Van E's "Airbus X procedure and checklist 1_2.pdf" file into the native FSX format so we can utilise it within FSX. ie: we can copy it into the Aerosoft Airbus X A320 IAE and CFM folders, and enter it into the Aircraft.cfg file under - "kb_checklists". Just makes it so much simpler to view whilst within FSX. I like JVE's format as it is relatively easy to read, but it's a pain in pdf format. I believe FSX is using "html" format. NB: it needs to keep it's pdf format integrity as this makes it easy to decipher and follow. At the moment, by default it seems I have a checklist I can open within FSX (presumably by Aerosoft) but it is in German not English. (Titled "AirbusA321_check" and "AirbusA321_ref"). Thx, XCL
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