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  1. Sorry, I can't do anything against that because it is a matter of the graphic engine and the small size of the Katana. In FS2004 I would have done the VCP 150% the normal size but that is not possible in FSX anymore.

    Thanx a lot for the honest info :)

    However as I'm a big fan of the PC-6 (flew the real one with a friend at Zimex a long time ago and a few times with the austrian armed forces version), the DA-20 is just a stop gap until its arrival.....

  2. It looks like a graphic issue to me! It only will look like this if you zoom out of bounds, if that's the right explanation. If you go back to the "normal" view point it looks perfect!

    Well, if you lean forward to be able to look further back like IRL, this shape error is obvious and has nothing to do with the zoom setting.

    This bug simply doesn't belong to an otherwise great add-on.

    BTW, the default viewpoint isn't at the correct position.

    1. Too far to the right (as the pilot should sit centered behind the stick)

    2. Too far aft, (if you compare the eye position with the external view)

    In that case of a realistic view point both gaps in the fuselage are highly visible and are really distracting.

  3. Hi Marcel,

    Thanx for staying with this thread despite all the unneccessary disturbance erratic Simon is causing.

    Closed and latched the canopy as IRL and I do confirm it's a really serious shape error.

    Here's another screenshot which shows this problem more pronounced:

    As many people are using Track IR (and the main reason for my to buy the Katana is the superb almost 360deg view) this is a real showstopper as the shape of the canopy not even remotely follows the fuselage contours.

    I do hope that this is going to be fixed, however fixed or not, I'm a definite PC-6 customer as this is a really great add-on!!!:)

    Best regards



  4. Although "---" didn't properly lock the canopy I can definitely confirm a gap between the canopy and the cockpit in the back when the canopy is closed and locked properly. It does look like the second shot from the opening post.

    Again, I didn't touch the canopy latches at all.

    Still have to re-check if it's not an auto-set up bug because the canopy should be correctly closed and latched already when loading the plane in a taxi and e.g. in flight state.

    If a intentionally incorrectly latched canopy is a built in 'feature' then it is definitely not a funny one.

    Not too long ago a friend of mine died in a crash due to the Katanas idiotic latching mechanism.

  5. You have closed at least one lock before you pulled down the canopy so it can't be fully closed as it is blocked some distance before. The canopy warning light will illuminate and it will be very risky to fly as the the canopy can be blown away and even damage your aircraft seriously.

    So it is no bug, it is a feature... ;)

    Well, I didn't touch any canopy latches as I usually start the session on the runway with the 'taxi' option...

    Have to re-check if this is an auto-setup bug or an ops error as I expected it to be correctly closed and latched when loading the plane with the canopy closed.

    But thanx for the info :)

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