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  1. Nobody, I'm mean nobody (except modders who don't own the TW anyway, or so they say. Must be a lie) will use it. The butt hurt is immense and far and wide. Never will see your hacking on .to. because you dont have the balls............. big mouth yes.
  2. Squealing like a stuck pig is quite comical and not very dignified approach to your opinion. You are talking about a plane that is copyrighted. It is very insulting to the creators of this work of art. (they don't know what they are doing)You don't have some God given right to share 95% of what you did not write. AS dose not want you as a customer anyway. So no tears will be shed. lol
  3. Out of curiosity how much did they charge for the phone call? Or did you already give a retainer of how much?
  4. Makes sense. A gang of modders uses the black web to steal and share copyright code.
  5. Speaking of clarity what part of "Copyright" "Violation" don't you understand? The next move is yours. Besides bad mouthing AS all over the internet and forums Bellyaching modders. lol
  6. AS has pretty much spelled out their company policy on top of post. AS has said no. That is my take. Now go fly a kite and make some mods for that. lol
  7. I stand behind every word I said. If you felt "belittled" that is your problem. Just a dose of reality for you. Not going to refrain from putting the hammer on your agenda. From getting your hacks to post here and demand getting a refund because some copyright hack will make the product better to trying in vain to get potential buyers to "refrain" from buying AS products. In addition, your posts stink of a "jailhouse lawyer " that I find reprehensible.
  8. I love all the jailhouse lawyers. They should put their money where their mouth is. As a publisher AS knows the steps to take a copyright issue down. 1. Ask to take down nicely. Never mention legal. AS has done that and bent over backwards to help. One secret with legal is you never play that card. You hold it. Never tip your hand. However, if it comes back at .to..... I like that AS has a company policy on copyright. The ball is in the modders court. 1. They can get a clique going to badmouth AS(that is being done) . But AS products are selling well and most of their customers like them. or 2. Hire a lawyer . Pretty good chance NOBODY will do that cause of $2000 retainer fee. lol The one telling AS to get legal advice is joke. All successful pub biz have a Law Firm they can use if need be for copyright. The idea of a class action lawsuit is hysterical . Good example of some talking out their backside. lmfao
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