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  1. As I pointed out in an earlier post it worked for me with Bravo throttle. I've had no further problems with fuel since then. It also works by assigning fuel levers to the mixture axis 0 to 100% for engines 1 and 2, which I've had set ever since. For me the problem is solved!
  2. Well, it seems that adjustments vary between us to get the system working properly. For My part: The basic simulator program was from Microsoft Store The Twin Otter program was downloaded through Marketplace With Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant and Alpha controls The following Throttle and Mixture settings only were used: Condition Lever settings are Nil. I hope this may help some - it seems to have sorted the problem for me.
  3. There are obviously many if not most who are having no problems in this regard. What was your source for the Twin Otter? Was it Marketplace, Steam or other?
  4. That's interesting. I wonder how many more of us are suffering the same problem, and yet watching many videos on Utube other users appear to have properly functioning fuel systems.
  5. What you have done teeloo , is a rather better presentation than the one I tried to do but the conclusion is the same - there is a definite problem with the program. I have also deleted and re downloaded the program from Marketplace but like you, the problem persists.
  6. Thank you, I have carried out your suggestion downloaded the latest version (1.0.2) from Microsoft Store and present the results above.
  7. Is your version also from Microsoft Store or is that co-incidental? At last, I feel vindicated to find I am not the only one with this problem! Can someone with Aerosoft now take us seriously and come up with a solution? This is after all a £30 program and it's reasonable to expect the basics to work properly.
  8. I have just updated from Microsoft Store to the latest version 1.0.2 but, apart from a slight improvement in the sounds, the problem remains. I carried out a short flight of about 30 minutes. I attach screen shots of the fuel system and readings of fuel quantity. You can see I started with 800lbs of fuel in aft and forward tanks cruised for about 30 mins checking fuel situation at 20mins and 30 mins. You can see the fuel is being depleted from the aft tank at the rate of 600 pph while the fwd tank remains at 800lbs. Since no one else seems to be reporting the problem, I imagine it is a problem with the Microsoft store version. I hope you can see an answer to this! Sorry but I inadvertently switched from NORM to Both on AFT when I intended to switch to both on FWD. But the reading at twenty minutes proves my point any way. I intended to continue for another half hour with the fuel selector set to both on FWD tank to prove the point finally but was distracted. The 30 minute reading was however accurate before the switch.
  9. Yes, boost pumps are ON and there are no pressure warning lights. It flies well - until the port engine stops.
  10. I've noticed that during any flight, despite having the fuel selector centred on Norm, the fuel in the aft tank only is used which ultimately results in port engine fuel starvation and stoppage. I must admit that I am not totally familiar with the Twin Otter fuel system but am puzzled that I have not seen comments from anyone else about this. All flights I have done so far have been after selecting "FLY" and commencing with engines started on the runway. What is it that I am not setting correctly? Has anyone else experienced this? I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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