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  1. What is the current update on these new sounds? What is a rough timeframe we can expect an update?
  2. Hello, Aerosoft. I will not be boycotting you nor will I be deleting the Twin Otter... and I will gladly continue to fly the Twin Otter, without CCM's mods, as I have since the plane was released. I can't speak at all to your other products as this has been my first purchase and so far it has put a smile on my face. Anyone can call me a fool if they'd like, but I believe after some updates and constructive feedback on any issues/bugs that may arise, this plane will only continue to get better. Just my two cents. You have brought me the ability to fly such a fantastic bird in this sim and for that I am grateful. Oh and Aerosoft, on a side note; I would love to be a beta tester for the Twin Otter. I think it would be really amazing to be apart of this project and help out in any way that I can.
  3. That is quite the busy desk setup you have!
  4. Cheers. I look forward to hearing updates from you in regards to the further improvement of the Twin Otter. Despite its current flaws, it is a plane I find myself constantly flying in the sim. I think with the upgraded sounds, and with improvements done with the latest SU additions this plane could really be elevated to the next level. It is nice to see updates from the devs as it keeps customers in the loop and gives us something to look forward to.
  5. How is the sound guy doing with getting new sounds recorded? When can we expect these to be implemented?
  6. We (mostly you, really) did quite a bit of testing on this whole AP fiasco over the last few days and I can’t thank you enough for finding a fix… and apparently an easy one, at that.
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