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  1. Due to our delay in the schedule, we will probably have to skip Honk Kong altogether. After Taiwan, we will fly directly to Shangai. The Old and then New @Kaohsiung
  2. Ready for departure Puerto Princesa. Did you now the Philippines were named after the King Felipe of Spain and Portugal? In fact according to the Tordesillas agreement these Islands were on the Portuguese Hemisphere, but since they were discovered by Fernão Magalhães, a Portuguese sailor that fell out of grace with the king, and offered his services to the Spanish crown (at the time Castilla and Leon), they remained spanish. Fernão Magalhães never finished his circumnavigation, being deadly wounded in battle in these region, Sebastian del Caño took the fleet and finished the voyage, another tale of circumnavigation, the first in human history.
  3. Departure from Miri in the Borneo Island for a 2 hour leg to Puerto Princesa in the Phillipines Expecting some mild headwind and trying to climb above the CB over Burnay bay. Engine 1 oil pressure is worryingly low, but appasrt from that my DC-6 is holding up nicely. Just have to send my flight mechanics into the shaft to see what's wrong
  4. My bad, since I do not use another spreadsheet to log my flight, I took the liberty of adding the Flight Time Last Leg vs. Last Flight Time columns to help calculate total flight time. These legs are not mandatory, nor are they offical Aerosoft template. It is what they call nowadays "collaborative development" 😄
  5. Line order is never changed, you have some filters in the header row. If you want to see the original order just sort alphabetically by name.
  6. The majority of participants chose to fly modern aircraft, with and average ground speed of 389 kts, for the pre-1970 a more modest speed of 214 kts make up for a pretty good pace for these historic aero planes. a total of 3.441 hours have been flown so far, that is over 143 days.
  7. 840.000 Miles flown, with some pilot more than half way through, other not so much:
  8. After a long break, departured Kuala Lumpur, hoping to make up for lost time Flying over the Petronas towers At Paya Lebar Airport in Singapore, met a fellow plane form Tap Air Portugal
  9. From Dawei, Nyanmar to Sultan Abdul Halim Airport in Malaysia with 67 PAX and 9,059 lbs on board, FL210.
  10. Landing at Dawei in Nyanmar presented another challenge, with marginal VFR and using the charts to navigate through the mountains.
  11. The big issue was I do not have ILS on my Douglas DC-6, so coming into Bombay was not easy. Now everything is clear over Nyanmar.
  12. Departing Kolkatta on a clowdy day to Kyauktu Ariport in Myanmar. Crossing the boarder to Bangladesh
  13. Refueled and recovered from the slight startle, we took of from the beach leaving some very surprised and scared animals behind. Descending the river to Calecute
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