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    In fact everything except cloud shadows seems to be working...there must be other things that aren't ... but at least I'm definitely getting CuX clouds and thermals CHeers Keith
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    Has anyone got CuX working in P3Dv4? (I know P3D isn't officially supported but worth the ask..) There is a report on UK-VGA of it working, but the DLL CuX installs is a 32-bit one, so any code in it cannot work (resources like strings will be loaded though) - to confirm in the Contenterrors.txt file I get"Error loading ".\Modules\CumulusX!\CumulusXDLL.dll." in "C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\DLL.xml.". DLL is 32 bit. A 64 bit version is required."The EXE loads and runs OK though.I didn't get this far till late last night so only did one test flight, using one of Wolfgang's gliders, and I didn't see any cloud shadows so I suspect CuX isn't active for me yet. Got thermals but probably P3D ones.I've used CuX in FSX and P3Dv2 so have an idea what to expect but far from expert...Do we know what functions are implemented in the DLL rather than in the EXE?Reading the help file I've got quite a few things to check...just wondering if anyone has been there already. Thanks Keith
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