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  1. bruh how bout just including those most used RL/vatsim/ivao acft in the 50 something euro purchase... its not like classified material. the default set in the software is a yoke...
  2. that guy actually asks money for it now... its hard to maintain a site for him that stores some txt/xml files. gotta be effing kiddin me
  3. Hi Everyone. Checked the forum and didnt find anything about this. Where is the setting for the world map aspect ratio? (main map and route editor as well) this amateurish looking map aspect that reminds the 4:3 to 16:9 change days is mega annoying especially if you want to reconstruct recent flights from Flightradar for example. all the EU countries appear way out of their proportions, guessing fixes, border crossings etc are much harder like this. why is it like this at all in 2021?
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