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  1. Got it thanks. Problem: My product key was not accepted and I opened a ticket J-L
  2. How can I find my "other Topic" ?
  3. Guten Tag Aerosoft team My computer crashed and had to reinstall everything... I bought last November through Flightsim.com Store two of your excellent products: the CRJ57 (great plane, tough to use but superb!) and Simple Traffic, which I updated 3 days before the crash (at least I could enjoy the traffic for 2 days) Here is my problem: the CRJ57 reinstall was done easily after I gave my serial number For Simple Traffic, the install brings me to Aerosoft One but I do not know what to do... I have of course the serial number of the product. Help will be appreciated, Danke Jean-Louis
  4. I bought Simple Traffic through Flightsim Store. I downloaded 2 days ago the latest update through Aerosoft One After a mistake I had to rebuild my community folder from scratch When I go to Flightsim store, to download Simple Traffic I only get anothe copy of Aerosoft One which does not know thart I bought Simple Traffic... Wat can I do J-Louis
  5. Can the Simple Traffic files be moved out of the Community folder? If yes should they go in a specific folder? Thanks jlb
  6. OK Mathijs, just downloaded the update and it works great.. No problem with Dallas Fort Worth! Danke JLB
  7. Thank you. I am updating now JLB
  8. I bought Simple traffic through Flightsim Store. They still have the original version... How am I supposed to get the update? I need it since KDFW (original airport in MSFS) does not work (infinite loading...) Thanks JLB
  9. To Mathijs The add-on were LFPO-alphaBICEPS_pz0fu and LFPO-alphaBICEPS_pz0fu2 available at www.flightsim.to Hope this helps others J-Louis
  10. Hi Jonas I had the problem of infinite loading at Orly airport (LFPG) until I realized that I had an Add-on for it.. Once I removed the add-on, Simple Traffic worked perfectly and my flight loaded as fast as usual J-Louis
  11. JUst installed this software which as stated, populates airports with airliners, especially the ones supposed to be there (AF in Paris, JAL in Tokyo and Delta in KATL...) The only problem is the amount of planes flying all over the place in big airports. Maybe this can be fixed in an update Other than that the program was freezing FS2020 when trying to start a flight at Orly (LFPO). I realized that I had a mod installed for Orly, I removed it and Simple Traffic worked as expected... So first thing to do if Traffic does not work (or crashes FS2020) with a specific airport, check if you do not have an add-on for this particular airport and remove it Otherwise despite the agitation in the air over the airports, ST is a great and affordable program... Danke schon Aerosoft! J-Louis
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