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  1. In your manual it says that you can set AIRCRAFT TRAFFIC TYPE to REAL TIME or AI OFFLINE. But when I set it to REAL TIME there are NO aircraft park ant any airport. You can see my settings attached.
  2. Same problem here. You have to maximise first for it to work
  3. Aerosoft One application does not work after the latest application update.
  4. There is a mistake in the Perfect Flight - Greece Scenic Tour MSFS. The Greece Part 2 Kalamata to Samos in the 1st leg POI 6 says that you visit Karavas in Kerynia district in Cyprus. Cyprus is an independent county and is far away fro this leg.
  5. Thanks for all the information. I have set the density value at 5% and I am very happy with this. Attached is a photo at Birmingham airport. I love this program it make MSFS so more realistic now. Thank you.
  6. This is the same airport and AI Aircraft Traffic Density is set at 5% not much difference from the setting at 20% and I do have the latest version
  7. Arrived an Larnaca airport, Cyprus and there is no place to park...Traffic density set to 20...
  8. Than you for your explanation. i will set it to 20 I think.
  9. Hi Although I read the manual I still can not understand why when I have the Traffic density set at 15, I still get the same amount of planes parked at the airports as when I have it set at 40? I have the setting AI OFFLINE It must be a way to adjust this. Stelios
  10. The same with me. It makes no difference whether I have it at 2% or 35%
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