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  1. I've just found as well, that if spawn departure at gate G4, the glitch moves to near gate G4 instead
  2. Unfortunately not. No matter what angle I look at it, be that with the drone camera, external camera, or internal cockpit camera, the glitch very much there
  3. I've gone in once again to try. I've removed everything from Community: After reducing my community to nothing, I deleted both Content.xml and everything in the SceneryIndexes folder so that the sim rebuilds both on initial launch. Attached the Content.xml file that was created. It has nothing but the Asobo content (base game + world updates). The issue is still very much present for me, and it does not matter what angle the camera/drone is: The issue only appears around the one gate, J3. The rest of the undercroft renders correctly. Actually, even more bizarrely, the above error only happens if I set gate J3 as the departure point. If I set departure at a remote stand, it all renders correctly. Go back and launch again at gate J3, it doesn't render. @Jonas S. can you try to reproduce by setting departure point as gate J3 and launching? Content.xml
  4. Hi Jonas, Unfortunately yes I already tried that. The second photo (from the cockpit) I had removed everything from the community folder except the one airport. The first photo was from a week ago, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't a scenery conflict on my side before I posted here
  5. I've loaded up at stand J3 at GCTS and noticed right in front of me that the ground texture of the undercroft under the terminal building is partially missing, leaving an open void. I've done the usual of rebuilding content.xml and also removed everything but this one scenery from the Community folder. But the issue remains. This is with v1.0.1 of Sim-Wings GCTS on Microsoft Flight Simulator v1.20.6.0 Many thanks, Ashleigh
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