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  1. Just wanted to report that the server seems to be offline again.
  2. I'm a real world aircraft dispatcher. Long and short hauls for a major US carrier. I can tell you that PFPX has things that even real world flight planning software doesnt have. I would hate to see it go or the subscription to end. I use it exclusively for flight sim planning and have for a long time.
  3. Its not about the milk in the coffee. Its about paying for the coffee but not getting the milk. Then the milf provider isnt even trying to appear concerned. Notice no one is asking for the milk per se. They are asking for communication because that is what makes them appear concerned. Also... the price of milk affects some more than others. But if its paid for it should be served. You really are not in a position to tell someone else what their money is worth.
  4. just checking back in again. still old wx from Nov 1st.
  5. Ok thanks! I just perfer the turb data from PFPX servers. But I'll use something for now.
  6. True. I see what you mean. Is there a fix yet or are they aware of the issue?
  7. The weather in PFPX is a showing the green check but the weather is a day old now. Are the servers down?
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