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  1. I found the problem, no worries. It was the Honeycomb Bravo autopilot panel that disturbed the CRJ autopilot
  2. 65505271611__F3D51B12-FA3F-4D3F-8851-05CE8A12D310.MOV
  3. 65505197820__989C2A59-B944-4ACE-BC9A-C77C7E9A960E.MOV
  4. The plane is also struggeling to level off when it goes over to ALTS CAP. When i set 5000ft, it levels off at 5400ft, and stays there.
  5. Yes, i dont understand. The vertical flight director dosen't move up to climb the aircraft when im in CLB mode with a speed of 250 kts. My thrust is in the CLB detent, and the speed is increasing heavily. The pitch is still staying at 0 degrees. My Ecam memo is also blank, except of Seat Belts and No Smoking. The Ecam memo beside the engine status is totally blank also
  6. I have armed the CLB SPD mode as you can see, with 250kts set (video 1). The flight director isn't responding properly, forcing me to use the V/S instead. The same happens when i'm descending (video 2). The problem has taken place in the two last flights in the CRJ, never experienced it before. Is this a glitch, or have i done something wrong? Video 1.mov Video 2.mov
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